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Here at George & Clair's we aim to provide you with the best customer service by helping you from the drawing board to the final product, complimented with outstanding quality levels in your final print.

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What we are looking for


Flexible hours

We currently only require team members to manage website orders and so working from home is available.

Areas we work

Based in Reading, Maidenhead and Marlow area.

Our main base of operations are in these locations yet we work and deliver all across the Uk.

Contact information

Email address and/or mobile number

You must have access to these for us and clients to be in contact with you.

Type of person

Friendly, good communication skills, organised

You need to be approachable for clients to contact you and be able to provide them with all the information they require., whilst maintaining the highest decorum. 


Good with CAD software, knows fundamentals of 3D printing 

We use different CAD software so require experts who know how to operate the design system smoothly. Secondly, you will need to know how to operate a 3D printer if necessary and preferably have experience in retail.


When helping clients with their designs, you will need to be able to use creative techniques in bringing their ideas to life.



" During my time of working in this company I truly saw what it was like to be a team player, being a part of this company was one of the best decisions  I have ever made. I really encourage those who are looking to learn what it means to be part of something really special to join. "

Marble Surface

Benefits of working with us


Across a range of products whilst employed

Work experience

Online and physical opportunities


Competitive long and short term rates  


Guaranteed for all our dedicated employees 

If your interested in joining our team click below to email us and attach your C.V

We are always keen to hear of what you can offer for our team.